Corporate Team Building

Do you 'just' want to have fun with your team? Do you need to incentivise sales? Perhaps you want to build key relationships among your team or clients. Wanitha's cooking team building activities add heat to your event. You and your guests have a great time cooking and eating together, and bond like never before under our expert care.

All our events are:

Easy for Everyone
Easy to organize, easy to do and easy to tell everyone about
Interesting and enticing
Engaging for all levels of management, all departments, all ages and genders
Impressive and practical
Effective at building strong relationships and personal confidence
Classes are flexible and carefully crafted to meet your objectives
Geared to promote sustainable living & wellness through our “Cook Smart to Eat Well” approach
Fun and will be remembered and talked about for a long time
Corporate Team Building
Corporate Team Building Group
Corporate Team Building group having fun!
Corporate Team Building Masterchef Challenge
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