Team Building

Among her other projects, Wanitha consults to VictorsFood as their Creative Director. With a long history in hospitality, teaching and presentation work for live events and television, Wanitha pioneered using cooking as a corporate team building experience. With her deep understanding of human nature and her philosophical grounding, she excels at communicating a verbal message with flair.

Cooking Classes

Wanitha is now available at The Essential Ingredient and at VictorsFood, hosting a selection of your favourite classes.

Private Classes

Share Wanitha with your friends!

Instead of just hosting another dinner party at home, why not hold your own private cooking class. Your friends will enjoy fabulous food as well as the vibrancy and warmth Wanitha brings to her classes.


If you want to deliver a unique experience and a vibrant program full of ideas and insights, invite Australian chef, and 2011 and 2012 Ambassador for Malaysian Kitchen, to present for your show.


Need to spice up a boring menu, brain storm, or just bring your project to fruition? Develop your brand or deliver workshops inside your organisation? Or promote health with hands-on interactive catering? Perhaps you're not quite sure what you need.

From child-care services and health services to production kitchens, we offer expert services to assist you from planning through delivery.

Talk to Wanitha about a custom program of work.

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